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The world's first programmable sleep companion, customised for your little one.

Introducing the cuddly musical companion that can promote rest and play, robust enough to be dropped, kicked, chewed and drooled on. A companion that can grow as your little one does and keep them feeling safe and secure at bedtime, playtime and while exploring the world around them.


Santi the Sloth

The only sleep companion you will ever need.

Santi the Sloth is an all-in-one soft plush companion, containing an internal bluetooth enabled speaker, a variable night light, a safe teether ring and a number of stimulating and colorful textures to explore. Santi is a soothing and comforting friend, designed to promote sleep while adapting as your child grows and develops, accompanying them all the way from infant to school age.

Santi is designed in Australia with safety as our number one priority. Santi is drool proof, shock proof and chew safe. Santi also has a number of smart sensors and is independently tested and certified for all ages.

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What people are saying

  • Purchasing and receiving Santi the Sloth was so easy! Very professional and friendly team! Thank you so much for caring and changing the lives of children and us parents.

    - Angela K

  • Wow, I ordered Santi the Sloth 2 days ago and boom it was at my door step, beautifully packaged and such good quality workmanship. Love it!

    - Lisa A

  • Sleep aids are so important to help baby’s get into a good routine with sleep. Having an all-in-one aid like Santi the Sloth is invaluable!

    - Felicity F

Experience the magic of Santi!