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A Sleepy Slumber

Designed to promote sleep

Santi addresses a spectrum of sleep challenges that parents often encounter. First and foremost, the programmable night light with adjustable colors and intensities creates a calming sleep environment, mitigating the fear of darkness and helping children settle into restful sleep. The integrated Bluetooth-enabled speaker offers a treasure trove of soothing sounds, tackling the difficulty of getting kids to sleep with its lullabies and natural soundscapes. The natural beechwood teether soothes teething discomfort, providing solace during those troublesome nights. Santi's textured fabrics engage sensory exploration, diverting restlessness and inviting relaxation.

The app-controlled settings grant parents the power to tailor Santi's features to their child's preferences, offering a bespoke solution to unique sleep challenges. With smart sensors and app alerts, parents can keep tabs on their children's sleep, in essence, Santi acts as an ally, helping parents overcome the hurdles of sleep and fostering a peaceful, undisturbed slumber for their little ones.

Upgrade bedtime with Santi The Sloth – the smart sleep aid🌙✨ Control Santi using the app on your smartphone. Set the perfect ambiance, monitor room temperature, and receive real-time alerts.

A Comforting Friend

From playtime to bedtime

Unlike traditional sleep aids, Santi The Sloth offers multiple functions in a single, cuddly companion. It combines a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, customisable night light, teether ring, smart sensors and various textures, providing an all-encompassing solution for your child's sleep and play needs.

Santi's carefully designed textures stimulate sensory exploration, contributing to your child's cognitive and tactile development. The tactile engagement that Santi provides sets it apart as a companion that promotes growth and learning.

The Smart Sleep Aid

Discover the future of sleep

Santi The Sloth brings the convenience of modern technology to your child's sleep routine with its innovative design and features. This cutting-edge sleep aid allows you to personalise and fine-tune every aspect of your child's sleep environment, ensuring the utmost comfort and safety.

Santi is the only smart sleep aid combining innovative technology, natural teething relief, customisable features through app control, stimulating textures, and an emotionally engaging design. Designed and developed in Australia, Its versatility, safety features, and commitment to promoting better sleep and development set Santi apart as a comprehensive and thoughtful sleep aid.

A Musical Playmate

Encourage play and mental development

Santi grows with your child's changing needs. From infancy to toddlerhood, Santi adapts to provide the right level of comfort, entertainment, and support, making it a versatile companion that evolves alongside your child.

Santi's adorable sloth design and enchanting features create an emotional bond between your child and their sleep companion. This emotional connection enhances the comfort and reassurance Santi provides.

A Closer Look

Incorporating Santi The Sloth into your child's sleep routine can lead to better sleep, enhanced comfort, and a more relaxing and enjoyable bedtime experience for both children and parents alike. Santi The Sloth offers a range of key features to enhance your child's sleep experience and overall well-being


All-in-One Companion

Multiple functions in a single, cuddly companion. Santi provides an all-encompassing solution for your child's sleep and play needs. Colorful textures encourage exploration and promote visual development, stimulating your child's senses and contributing to their cognitive growth.


Comforting Night Light

The customisable night light with over 16 million colors offers a calming ambiance for bedtime and playtime, fostering a sense of security and creating a soothing sleep environment.


Intelligent Sleep Technology

Santi incorporates smart sensors such as a cry sensor, temperature monitor, and movement sensor, promoting peace of mind throughout the night. Set the perfect ambiance, monitor room temperature, and receive real-time alerts.


Natural Teething Relief

Santi's natural beechwood teether offers a soothing solution for teething discomfort, promoting gum relief and reducing irritability during sleep and playtime.


Soothing sounds

Wireless bluetooth speaker to stream music or use the built in memory for scientifically proven sounds to promote sleep, like white noise and rainfall or even your own recorded voice. Santi's soothing sounds promote better sleep quality and longer rest periods.


Grows with your child

Santi's adorable sloth design and enchanting features create an emotional bond between children and their sleep companion. From sleep aid to playtime companion, Santi grows with your child's needs, adapting to provide comfort, entertainment, and support as they reach different developmental stages.

Convenient App Control

With the Santi app, you can easily control Santi's features, adjust settings, and monitor room conditions, giving you the power to create the perfect sleep environment, tailored to your child's preferences and developmental stages from your smartphone.

Santi's proprietary app, designed and developed in Australia, stands as a testament to our commitment to user privacy and data security. Unlike other smart devices that might use third-party apps from elsewhere, this distinct feature ensures that user data remains protected, eliminating concerns associated with third-party access from abroad.

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Santi offers a risk-free trial with a 30-day money back guarantee, allowing you to experience the benefits firsthand and make an informed decision about its suitability for your baby's sleep routine.

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