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Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle
Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle
Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle
Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle
Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle
Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle
Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle
Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle

Santi The Sloth Ultimate Cloud Bundle

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Santi The Sloth is the world's first programmable sleep companion, customised for your little one.

Don't get caught out at nap time without Santi's Power Up power bank.

With 5000mAh in a small, lightweight power bank you will be able to charge Santi The Sloth almost 3 times over and use Santi whenever and wherever needed!…you can also charge your phone or another USB device at the same time with 2 USB charge ports.

Add all 4 of Santi's gorgeous teether attachments to personalise your Santi, while proving your little one with stimulating colors and textures. From the super-soft material outside to the crinkly sounds coming from the inside along with additional embordered textures. 

Santi's teether attachments are machine washable and provide sensory stimulation and aid in the development of bub's fine motor skills.

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    • Premium non-toxic super soft plush
    • Natural beechwood teether for teething relief.
    • Programmable night light with customisable colors and intensities.
    • Smart sensors including cry sensor, temperature, and movement sensors.
    • Wireless Bluetooth speaker to stream from any music source or use the internal sound library
    • Built in memory for disconnected playback
    • Voice recorder and playback
    • Intuitive app for easy control and customisation

    What’s in the box

    • Santi the Sloth super soft plush
    • Beechwood branch teether/hanger
    • Santi's Star smart speaker and nightlight
    • USB charge cable
    • PLUS Santi's Power Up Power Bank
    • PLUS Santi's Ultimate Teether Attachment Collection
    • PLUS Santi's Dream Cloud Companion

    Care instructions

    • USB chargeable
    • Cold machine washable
    • Water resistant to IP44
    • Drop proof



    Designed in Australia

    Born from the real-life experiences of Aussie parents raising three children, Santi embodies their intimate understanding of parenthood's challenges regarding sleep. Santi captures the essence of that journey, ensuring safety, comfort, and empathy for both parents and children alike.


    Premium Materials

    Crafted from premium non-toxic materials, ensuring the utmost safety. The natural beechwood teether is antibacterial and free from harmful substances such as PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines. Independently tested and complies with all Australian and New Zealand safety standards.


    Snuggle Up Risk-Free!

    Santi offers a risk-free trial with a 30-day money back guarantee, allowing you to experience the benefits firsthand and make an informed decision about its suitability for your child's sleep routine.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Pretty good, but lots of room for improvement

    Santi is great - soft and my daughter loves cuddling it. However, Some of the more technical aspects of the Santi unit could be improved such as the way the charging is done - trying to plug in the USB-C cable into the back of the sloth is quite frustrating as you have to really open up the back in order to get to the USB port hiding inside. I'm afraid that I may end up ripping the back of the Santi. Also, the power bank is very outdated with a microUSB charging port (to charge the actual powerbank itself). It's annoying because charging the Santi is done via USB-C but charging the powerbank itself is done with microUSB. Battery life is not as good as I had hoped. And finally, the software is a little glitchy and sometimes loses connection and requires you to have to re-pair your mobile phone with the Santi.

    Hi Hieu, thanks for the feedback. With charging, it's best to remove Santi's star to plug in the charge cable first and then push it back into Santi, the usb charging port is designed to be difficult to prevent little ones getting to it. With the power bank, this a universal powerbank so can be used for all of your devices, we ship a cable for the powerbank and a cable for Santi, this way you can charge the powerbank and Santi at the same time. The battery should last anywhere from 10 hours to 10 days depending on usage, be sure you a placing Santi in standby when not in use. Regarding the connection, Santi uses Bluetooth so has a 10 metre range but will seamlessly reconnect when you go in and out of range. Please feel free to contact our team at any time if you require any assistance. Thanks